About Ffynnon Beuno


Ffynnon Beuno nestles at the foot of a beautiful glacier carved valley. Over its long and fascinating history, the farm has been an Inn, a general store, and impromptu theatre.

One of Wales famous 18th century dramatists Twm O’r Nant performed here and it is also the site of pilgrimage to the holy well that gives the property its name “Ffynnon” – spring or well, “Beuno” a 6th century Abbot with miraculous healing powers. LINK.  Following archaeological digs here from Victorian times, we know that humans have occupied the site for tens of thousands of years. See here for more detail about the extra ordinary Ffynnon Beuno cave LINK

One of the more famous inhabitants was the explorer HM Stanley (of “Doctor Livingstone, I presume” fame) who spent some of his childhood here. We hold a copy of his autobiography here from the 1800s which is an extraordinary tale of his life. A statue stands in Denbigh of him and a further monument in St Asaph. Our third and final hut will be named “Stanley” in his memory!

As soon as we set eyes on Ffynnon Beuno’s dramatic beauty, we felt an instant connection, a safe place and a retreat from the modern world. It’s been an ambitious project that has seen us plant 50 cherry trees, establish a wildflower meadow, clear a mountain-side of 8ft gorse, build an artificial badger sett, set up an apiary and renovate the hedgerow that encompasses the 5-acre plot. That’s along with setting up pear, plum and apple orchards to complement our kitchen garden.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that we all need a space to stop, reflect and reconnect with our environment in real and practical ways more than ever. Each year more than half our guests are returnees from as far afield as Portsmouth as well as from just a few miles away – come and stay with us and you will understand what makes Ffynnon Beuno such a special place.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, people have been drawn to Ffynnon Beuno since the dawn of mankind as evidenced by the amazing finds in the cave on the grounds at the back of the property where Victorian archaeologists unearthed not only primitive tools but also bones from wooly rhino, elk and even mountain lions – evidence that shows Ffynnon Beuno has proven a safe haven for people for over 38000 years! Today the cave is the protected home of a colony of rare lesser horseshoe bats who roost inside in the winter months and guided tours are available on request.

Located in one of only five Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Ffynnon Beuno sits just below Y Graig, a beautiful local nature reserve which can be reached via a footpath that runs right through our fields. Offa’s Dyke is close by as well as local circular walksfor visitors to be energised by the beauty of the area. A network of bridleways also ensures that all the scenery can be enjoyed from horseback or by cycle. Ffynnon Beuno has stabling, a secure lock up and a drying room for guests to make the most of the amazing scenery that surrounds the farmhouse.

We can also recommend plenty of great places to eat in the area as well as local areas of interest to explore further afield to make the most of your precious time off