Spring Lambs

Well, our girl Pearl has outdone herself! She came to us last year having won the hearts of her previous owners with her easy going nature and escaped the freezer. We put her with a neighbour’s pet sheep and they both did a good job of keeping the grass down in the cherry orchard. She and her companion Queenie have been off site for a month or so as we have been making lots of mud in their field putting new paths in.

Anyway, she came home on Wednesday afternoon after staying on a friend’s field and we knew she was probably due within a week. So imagine our surprise next morning at 6.30am in the frosty cold when we spotted lambs under the hedge behind Beuno’s Hut. On closer inspection, we realised that there were triplets only a few hours old. All beautiful with pretty markings, there are two boys and a girl and all are doing well. We help Pearl a little with some supplementary feeding and the ewe lamb, called Ruby, bleats excitedly every time she sees a human. We can’t stop cuddling them and as you can see from one of the pics, the ducks and alpacas came to greet them on their first outing!