Our Sustainable Approach

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As soon as we set eyes on Ffynnon Beuno’s beauty we fell in love. There is a word in Welsh – “cynefin” that describes a real sense of spiritual connection and belonging to a place and that’s how we feel about our home with its intriguing history and gentle peace which is why we developed our sustainable approach.

For us, Ffynnon Beuno offered a chance to escape all the stress and noise of the modern world and live a good and healthy life and tread lightly on our land. The smallholding is an ancient farmstead with some extraordinary features from its 350 million year old cave and it’s pure spring associated with St Beuno’s, to winter colonies of rare lesser horseshoe bats and vibrant butterfly and bumblebee populations. We are proud to grow and rear all our own food and through our small tea hut (also a handcrafted shepherds hut) at the front of the property, we sell our surplus very locally. We believe in a closed loop permaculture approach with no chemicals, always working closely with nature. We have planted many metres of hedgerow with native species as well as created new orchards with ancient heritage species local to the area such as Bardsey Island apple and Denbighshire plum. Our fruit growing areas and no-dig vegetable beds work in harmony with beneficial insects and our sensitively wildflower meadow is sown with carefully chosen native wildflower to create a haven for pollinators – as well as our own colony of dark welsh honey bees.

It’s not often that you see Alpacas grazing a Welsh mountain side, but this herd is part of our sustainable approach to land management and once a year they contribute to our own fine wool products.

It’s not all back to basics though – we’re also on a journey to energy independence with solar panels, batteries and biomass heating at the farmhouse. Our own borehole is planned to make the most of the naturally filtered welsh mountain water coursing through the valley.

More traditionally, we have successfully grafted a series of apple trees from an ancient heritage species, not available in any supermarket, and we are regularly manufacture traditional hedgerow products like hawthorn cordial and rose hip syrup. We even dry wildflower petals to make hedgerow tea and use flower extracts for soap and shampoo.

our sustainable approach with wildflowers at Ffynnon Beuno

Our philosophy is that we all need to stop, reflect and reconnect with our environment in real and practical ways and here at Ffynnon Beuno, each off-grid hut brings a simplicity and beauty to your stay with us.

Our sustainable 360 degree approach is part of the experience at Ffynnon Beuno. When you stay in our luxury glamping shepherds huts, you can enhance your stay with any of our experience kits containing locally grown or locally sourced produce and even take away some very unique gifts for loved ones at home!