The Philosophy of Ffynnon Beuno

Ffynnon Beuno is nestled at the foot of a tranquil valley in the Clwydian Range. Babbling through the heart of this valley is the shining Beuno’s Brook that irrigates the land and we know from archeological digs at the cave that mankind has felt safe and secure here since humans reached the UK. As soon as we set eyes on Ffynnon Beuno’s dramatic beauty we fell in love. There is a word in Welsh – “cynefin” that describes a real sense of belonging to a place and that’s how we feel about our home with its intriguing history and gentle peace. For us, Ffynnon Beuno offered a chance to escape all the stress and noise of the modern world and live a good and healthy life. It’s a big project and some of what we have attempted has been highly experimental – like 50 young cherry trees planted on the mountain side to shade out encroaching gorse and blackthorn and then scraping the entire valley floor so we can sow it with native wildflower. It’s not often that you see Huayaca Alpacas grazing a Welsh mountain side either!  It’s not all back to basics though – we’re also on a journey to energy independence with our solar panels and biomass heating. Our own borehole is planned for next year to make the most of the beautiful mountain water coursing through the valley.
More traditionally, we have successfully grafted ancient heritage species of apple trees not available in any supermarket and we are currently developing traditional hedgerow household products like hawthorn and rose hip syrup. A thriving colony of honeybees pollinate our flowers and all our eggs are laid by our free-range chickens. Our philosophy is that we all need to stop, reflect and reconnect with our environment in real and practical ways and here at Ffynnon Beuno, we would love you to share this vision – even if it’s only for a short while!!

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